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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is Off Page SEO? There are already know generally about Off Page SEO? Well below is an explanation of Off Page SEO is more detailed.

Off Page SEO is the activity Basic Google SEO or SEO techniques  to connect a website or blog with another website or blog, or some sort of 'association' website. Off Page SEO is not just a link or a link from outside of our website but also the traffic that comes from promotional website or blog. So, in my opinion, Off Page SEO Google not only build relevant backlinks but also be able to build traffic from these links.

Google seems like a website or blog if we have a 'community' is both appropriate to the theme and content website or blog. Google calls by relevance. So long as we get inbound links or backlinks are relevant to your website or blog, website or blog then we will get better rankings in Google SERP. For example: SEO Blog  has a backlink to another SEO Blog or enrolled in a special Directory SEO websites.

If outbound link with anchor text is the process of On Page SEO, then create inbound links or backlinks is a partial process of Off Page SEO.

Tips SEO to  Off Page SEO :

  • Perform 'Blog Walking' to the blogs that are relevant to the theme and content of your blog and provide constructive comments on blogs you visit.
  • If your blog visitors to comment, go behind the blog visitor and also give constructive comments.
  • Register your website or blog to
  • Create internal links between pages your website or blog with the anchor text corresponding to the intended page content.
  • Promote your website or blog on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Squidoo and Delicious so that you can get additional traffic and backlinks even though most of these sites just set them nofollow to outbound links.
  • Promotion sites 'trusted', signature in your email or via offline media such as business cards and do not forget to include the URL of your website or blog.
Off Page SEO addition you also need to know about On Page SEO. Basic SEO Google is useful as a reference for learning SEO and how to create a blog.


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