SEO Techniques For Google Panda

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SEO Technique For Google Panda  - particularly bloggers archipelago, is currently being crowded-ramenya  discuss a new google algorithm called  google panda, panda I think google is very difficult to predict and again we should be hung by it with the certainty of uncertainty:  D more confusing ...! easy going

google panda once hated seo techniques that violate the user guide google webmaster or  that term is blackhat SEO, and google algorithm panda seems designed to detect the blog / website that use blackhat seo and will kick it away from google search results, aka banned permanent, it is true that blackhat seo techniques very quickly once the result and also very fast disappearance.

plainly how google panda algorithm to overcome this ...? we need not fear that will be banned / deindex google searching engine of the SERP if we had followed the instructions for using google webmaster tools, seo techniques long now seems to have no effect or results too show a maximum, it indicates the algorithm google pandas are true really has changed at all and need to watch out for those who apply black seo techniques.

SEO is all necessary, even  become a thing memonetize mandatory for bloggers who blog them, so they can market their products  to compete in the searching engines, especially Google, because Google is the world's largest user in finding information on the Internet.

points  can I take from the experience in google algorithm is as follows:
  •      No duplicat content
  •      Content that gives results that are relevant to the title in SERP
  •      On page Optimation
the above  three factors are very influential in my opinion at all for future blog / wensite us to  still exist in the google  SERP.

may be useful if the newbie and this is one of the above techniques please create a master-master to act here:

Types of SEO Techniques

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There are two  types of SEO techniques  used to do people to the website, websites,  blogs publicized to the public and easily found through search engines. Two techniques are:
- On Page and
- Off Page

On Page  SEO is SEO technique with the advanced method that  focuses on the theme,  look of the website /  web design and content  / content of the website. Of course those three things should be mutually supportive. Display your website or website design should be made ​​in accordance with the theme of the website, as well as to its content.

Off Page SEO is SEO technique with the advanced method that focuses on the many links that attaches to the website / site or blog. To build these links can be done by following the mailing lists, sending emails, fill out a comment on the blogs or other websites, chat, facebook, guest books and so on.

Secret SEO Techniques


Secret SEO Techniques and How To Blog or Website Publication is an interesting topic to be discussed and studied. But to become a champion or a Master SEO was not an easy matter. Take the time to learn. Is already long enough I learned Secret SEO Techniques Optimization  and How to Blog or WEB Publications before deciding to have the blog of the domain and hosting "paid", but apparently the results have not been up and even to some SEO techniques and Publications Blog or the WEB that I apply even sag .

Indeed there are some SEO Techniques Optimization  and How To Blog or Web Publication quite successful but in terms of competitiveness  is still relatively far  from expectations. Indeed, many articles that discuss the Secret SEO Techniques and How To Blog or Web publication,  but in fact it is just  common tricks that are often used by novice bloggers like me. To date I  have never found a trick Advanced Optimization Techniques SEO-reviewed plainly  by a Master SEO though. I feel  the master SEO is still  reluctant to open a Secret or Tip and  Trick about SEO Techniques and How To Blog or Web publication hostile to me. Perhaps this is  related to the competition  is very tight in order achieve their number one blog in search engines, remember almost  all of the Masters have the SEO business-oriented blog that amount  each master can be up to dozens of blogs.

In addition  many SEO Contest with gift that does not mess around  much I think also the cause of the Master SEO really does not want Secret SEO Techniques and How To Blog or Web Publication his other hand  is known even to fellow Master SEO though, because  they each have SEO techniques Optimization  in pursuit of their own number one position in search engines for keywords in the viewfinder.

Or maybe science Secret SEO Techniques and How To Blog or Web Publication powerful can only be learned by certain people who have a high level of imagination algorithm so that its development is highly dependent on each blogger's own self.

Expectations  of the novice bloggers like me to gain knowledge about the Secret SEO Techniques and How To Blog or Web Publication from the master  powerful SEO may only exist  in imagination. The rest of waiting and searching the bloggers will be turunkannya science a powerful SEO Optimization Techniques from the Masters will end up with a Learning SEO Techniques by self-taught. Autodidacts  learn ... well ... a long  learning process and exhausting having to experience trial and error here and there.

SEO techniques


The correct SEO techniques are needed for a website or blog. SEO techniques help us to provide value-added on the website itself, so as to have a top ranking on search engine results.

Many SEO techniques that we can choose according to the intent and purpose of website.  I personally prefer the onpage SEO techniques, why? I did some surveys on the website or my blog with some techniques. Onpage optimization becomes my choice because it is the basic science of SEO. means page of our website optimization according to the standard search engines.

optimization itself can be done in a short time, and in time gradually according to standard search engines. A website that is supported with a lot of backlinks and a good social bookmarking, will promote a website moving quickly on the search results. It is also called SEO techniques are offpage.

Techniques SEO  onpage   is done means that we are building a foundation and some other very strong foundation in stages (naturally). This gives a very good value.

Some use the onpage SEO techniques and SEO techniques offpage supported by its own power with help or without backlink backlinks, social bookmarking and link exchange.

The point is that any optimization is performed either onpage or offpage has its own advantages. That option back to you in determining the targets and how the desired optimization.

My conclusion is that google does not apply only one SEO technique  on many search engines  them. I think google has the structure of the algorithm of the bonds that are interrelated to one another.

I personally  prefer a gradual optimization performed by SEO techniques onpge .Website built in stages and has a natural  strength in accordance  with the age of the website. Age  website also has added value to a website.

Know that Google has its own values ​​given in every website. This is what will affect our ranking in google search engine.

Sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah

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Waw ternyata saat ini keyword "sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah" dari tgl 10 Desember kemaren sampai 2 bulan kedepan akan menjadi topik utama para master seo terutama para blogger indonesia. Ada yang tau kenapa hanya sebuah kalimat sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah jadi begitu populer saat ini ?

Pesona sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah bagi para blogger indonesia

Bagaimana kayanya saat ini para belogger dalam negri masih sibuk dengan sebuah artikel yang berjudul sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah. Penasaran kenapa sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah menjadi topik hangat para blogger saat ini. Jawabannya adalah kontes SEO, saat ini ada sebuah kontes seo di indonesia dengan tema atau keyword "sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah" sepertinya karena itulah para blogger indonesia berlomba-lomba untuk menjadi nomor 1 dengan keyword sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah. seperti ini lah pesona sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah bagi para blogger indonesia.

Saya pun tertarik untuk menulis artikel dalam bahasa indonesia ( biasanya dalam bahasa inggris) untuk meramaikan kontes seo kali ini walau pun gx bakal menang . hehehehe :D

Jika kalian berminat untuk mengikuti kontes seo sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah langsung saja daftar di

sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah menjadi bahan cerita hagat

Fantastic ungkapan yang tidak berlebihan bukan bagi sebuah keyword yang menjadi bahan cerita bagi para blogger yang sedang ikut kontes untuk mendapatkan hadiah atau sekedar mencari pengalaman di dunia seo. bagaimana tidak coba kalian ketikan keyword sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah berapa banyak jumlah pencarian yang keluar pada hari ini, dan coba kalian ketikan lagi di ke esokan harinya dengan keyword yang sama pasti akan bertambah ( hanya untuk Itulah kenapa menjadi cerita hangat di hati para blogger indonesia saat ini.

Para master seo, seo pemula bahkan yang tidak tau tentang seo yang mengetahui kalau ada kontes seo danikut menulis artikel tentang sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah yang hadiahnya bagi juara satu 2jt rupiah tentu mengiurkankan bukan walaupun hadiah itu terbilang lebih kecil daripada kontes seo yang lain akan tetapi ada yang istimewa dari kontes kali ini yaitu sertifikat dari SEO Certified Professional. Ini lah yang menjadikan sebuah kalimat sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah memiliki pesona yang menarik bagi bloggertanah air saat ini.
Seribu ide menulis tentang sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah

Seribu cara yang di lakukan para blogger tanah air untuk menjadi yang terbaik dalam kontes kali ini mulai dari menulis artikel yang beranekaragam dan tentunya berkualitas dan unik. Perhatikan saja berapa banyak aneka judul artikel yang mengusung tema sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah saat ini. Para blogger tidak kehabisan ide untuk membuat mereka menduduki peringkat pertama di mesin pencari terutama di Selain menulis artikel mereka harus mencari backlink sebanyak-banyaknya untuk artikel mereka y setidaknya agar lebih cepat terindek dan menuju puncak kejayaan ( lebay , hehehe). saya yakin ide-ide akan terus bermunculan setiap saat untuk membuktikan mereka adalah yang terbaik dalam menerapkan teknik seo yang mereka punya .

Sepertinya sudah cukup panjang artikel tentang sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah ini. Saya ucapkan semoga sukses bagi para peserta kontes seo "sewa ruang kantor jakarta murah" dan untuk para pemula terus semagat jangan menyerah terus optimalkan teknik seo yang kalian punya.

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Sport news|Yamaha Hoping Keep Lorenzo

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Sport news

Yamaha will prioritize the extension of the contract's Jorge Lorenzo at the end of next season. However, Yamaha did not rule out trying to get other top drivers MotoGP.

Lorenzo contract with Yamaha will expire after the 2012 season, and until now the Spaniard has not done a contract extension. Just like Lorenzo, riders like Casey Stoner (Honda) and Valentino Rossi (Ducati) will also terminate the contract at their respective teams next season.

Director Yamaha MotoGP, Lin Jarvis, confirmed still hoping to extend the contract Lorenzo. However, Jarvis did not rule out the arrival of other great racers in the Yamaha team.

"Maintain Jorge is the key to Yamaha. Negotiated contracts will be open for top MotoGP riders next year. So has one of the riders like Casey Stoner, Jorge or will be very, very important," said Jarvis told

Jarvis himself convinced Lorenzo still want to stay at Yamaha. "I think Jorge comfortable on the Yamaha and I hope he did not want to leave this team. There is no reason to delay the negotiations, so maybe we'll move faster," added Jarvis.

Despite failing to defend his MotoGP world champion in the 2011 season, Lorenzo is the only non-Honda rider is able to disrupt the dominance of Stoner last season. Despite missing the last three series the finger injury he got at the Australian MotoGP, Lorenzo still finished the season second in the standings.

resource Sport news today :

Sport news |Rossi Not brave putting Target in MotoGP 2012


Sport news |Rossi  Not brave putting Target  in MotoGP 2012 .

Seven times MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi, has no grandiose targets in MotoGP 2012 after failing miserably last season. However, The Doctor sure Ducati will be more successful next season.

2011 season became Rossi's worst season in his career during participation in the event the grand prix. Former Yamaha and Honda failed to achieve victory throughout the season. The best incision Rossi is third place last season in MotoGP France.

Rossi was deeply disappointed with the results he got last season, but the driver 33 years does not want to spit a fantastic target for next season. Rossi just wanted to give the best on the circuit.

"I only wish all the best. We worked hard this year to get better results. We've got lots of ideas for dicova, with Filippo Preziosi and the whole team at Ducati," said Rossi as reported by

"We can not wait to undergo its first test in Sepang next year. We've got a different bike and we'll see whether it is more competitive. I hope more competitive," he continued.

resource Sport news today:

The Best Quality Backlinks

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This article is about learning seo for beginners but we are not talking about learning seo but about quality backlinks.
Hunting is an important backlink done by an owner or webmaster of the site including for bloggers to increase popularity in google. With so many quality backlinks then have it in every article will be in high position in search engines and able to attract quality traffic as well.

Here is how mandatory to get Best quality backlinks to your blog in  eyes of search engines:

Hubpages. Hubpages is the web 2.0 that has the level of high authority backlinks in search engines so that you get from Hubpages will improve the quality of your blog. You can just create a page on Hubpages and then fill it with content that setopik with the blog topic that will be given an injection of backlinks. Embed this article backlinks within the content to be more natural and businesses comply with their TOS because Hubpages bit tight in overseeing the affairs of the outgoing link. Additionally you can add RSS feeds to your blog in order to get a one-way backlinks every article there is an update to your blog.

Squidoo. Similarly, Hubpages, Squidoo is a web 2.0 where you can create a lens or blog topic pages in accordance with the relevant articles as well and then add backlinks to your blog. In addition, you can embed RSS feeds on your lens page where there is an update every article, the article then your blog will get a one-way backlinks of your lens.

Technorati .Similarly no.1 and 2 above. technorati is what distinguishes it as a specialized blog search engine specialist. for more details please see my article here.

Social Bookmarks. Submit each after you post a new article to social bookmarking sites because sites like this are very quick to assist the process of indexing and you get one-way backlinks . Social Bookmark is also a site that is trusted by search engines because of the level of regular updates and tagget obtained from a variety of content available on the internet. Many social bookmarking sites that you can make a backlink sources such as,, or etc.

Provide testimonials. By providing testimonials means that you have a chance to get one-way backlinks. Moreover, the site you give testimonials are trusted sites and old age.

Article Directory. This is the easiest way in my opinion because you just write articles that match your blog topic, backlinks and submit to sites that receive content from the user's publications or its members. You can submit articles to,, or

RSS Feed Directories. As in the first and second points where you can submit your RSS feed here it's just that you submit your blog feed to a special site that publishes RSS feeds like Bloglines or Feedage.

Guest Blogger. You can get one-way backlinks by writing articles for other blogs.

Diligent Blog Comments. As I've discussed in the article on How good banklink , though most of backlinks from blog comments are nofollow, but still be counted as quality backlinks and will again if you use anchor text according to target your keywords and topics relevant to the anchor text your backlink

Link Bait. This is the correct way to find backlinks - completely natural, because you must have a pillar article that is not obsolete by the passage of time and the benefit to others or it could contain controversial articles that get attention from other bloggers so that other bloggers will provide a backlink to be voluntary without being asked because of your article is very interesting to see and share with the community blog.

Backlink from Forums. significant  Backlink outcome from the forum because you only need to fill in once only and any signatures your post diforum, then backlinks you will always appear at the bottom of your posts. Imagine if you had thousands of posts? Your signature means that backlinks will also be numbered in accordance with the number of your posts on the forum. There are several forums that do not allow the use of signatures and there is also a free menampilka signature even though you are a new member with a small number of posts. Usually the platform SMF forum is a great place to hunting backlinks.

Creating Themes. For those of you who can make a theme for Wordpress or Blogspot, then this way you can do because you can insert a backlink in the theme you made ​​and when the theme you use, it will generate a one-way backlinks to your blog.

Profile backlinks . Get one-way backlinks through your profile on Google Profiles, Digg, Flickr or Excite.

top commentator. Often commented on various blogs that installed the widget top commentators and relevant to your blog to get a backlink from a sidebar that automatically you will get backlinks from all the blog pages.

That's how to get quality backlinks, if you have any other way please comment. 

Income search :
quality backlinks (15) learning seo for beginners (5)

effective way learn SEO

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effective way learn SEO, In learning SEO, there are some things that you should pay attention, and they can greatly affect your blog's ranking on search engines.

effective way learn SEO.Outside there are many blogs, websites, or e-book that talks about things - things that should be done or should be considered in learning SEO for getting  top position in Search Engines. Here I will give you some tips - tips on how to make a practical difference in terms of improving ranking in search engine blog. I share these tips into 2 parts,  on page seo and off page seo.

Actually I have explained on page seo and off page seo is in different post. But in the article that is part of learning SEO I simply want to give tips to become a top google with on page SEO and off page seo.

Learning SEO google to make effective on page seo and off page seo would be devastating for your blog ranking primarily on google.  Looks like my explanation was too long, let's start learning optimize your SEO.

on page seo

1. Use keywords in headings

Make sure the keywords you'd like to exist in the header and make sure they are bold. In this way can facilitate the bots in identifying your website.

2. Use a properly Keyword and Meta Tag your website

Make sure keywords that you shoot Keyword Meta in your website pages .

3. Use 2% - 4% keyword density in your yard.

The point is, if you post an article, the article must be related to  keyword your website.
For example, one of the keywords you website is "learning SEO", then create articles that contain keywords learning SEO.
For example: Learn SEO google, learn SEO blogspot, learn SEO for beginners and others.

4. Bold keywords that exist in the post.

By using the bold tag, then the article is more easily read by search engines.
For example you can see in this article.

off page SEO

Build backlinks with other websites that berpage rank 4 or over. The point is to build quality links really good and reliable. With this method, will provide information to search engines that your blog relevant and important.

How to effectively learn SEO, effective way learn SEO is a summary of which I've explained before her in on page seo and off page SEO in order how to learn seo can be more effective if the explanation I give over focus to core learning seo.

I hope that is not worth posting about an effective way learn SEO is beneficial for you all.

Using Keyword in Heading

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Using keywords in heading and subheading on the page - this heading should catch people's attention and indicate if they are at the right place.

<h1> SEO Copywriting - optimization on Pages SEO For Search Engine </ h1> will become a classic SEO efforts. Depending on the level of competition that is expected. In the more competitive phrases is not easy to add sales information. Heading tags from h1 to h6 form the largest tagged with a ketch #. Change the appearance of text with CSS. Most wanted are like those in newspapers.

Create your own keyword phrase and similar phrases in the page heading as subheading. Sisannya in writing with the line advertising and does not need to be considered for  search engines optimization. Normal paper will be used as keywords.
Dividing Page In Subgroups
H1 (contains  primary keyword)
H2 (similar phrase subtopic or idea with  keyword phrase)
Paragraph blab la bla bla ..
H2 (another subtopic)
Paragraph bla.bla blah
Paragraph blab la bla
H2 (subtopics that do not have any keyword)
Subheading usually focus on more specific keywords and phrases from the main heading, but contains the same word as main headings.
DESCRIPTIF additional subheading indicates the ease of your website.

Put in Right Place Keyword:

1. Place keywords in the paragraph.
2. Place your keywords in heading tags.
3. Place your keywords in img alt tags.
4. If the word is part of the statement that small will make a specific point, in writing with the bold.
5. Want to add keyword several times in the bulleted list.
6. If possible, add a keyword in  link, do not forget to navigation.
7. The key focus on page and easy to read. If not, search engines will not mengkonvertnya. Want to always use the keyword, but not directly easement only for the search engines rather than for users.

Never Too General
If the keyword is "Learn SEO". can be seen in the word learn SEO and try to replace it with learning SEO for blogspot. A good example when people are no # 1  Google with "SEO google" he had said the opposite "forums" "new" and "strategy". We suggest that adding the word SEO google for a way out. Is guaranteed to be received no # 1 for tips SEO  google, may also be a busy traffic on the same conditions.

Be Creative
Many roads to be creative to make keyword capacity increases. In assuming that we want to "Learn SEO" a target, can be written as follows Learn SEO is one of my favorite vacation. Please know how keywords becomes overlap and in some sentences. Many ways to express keyword.
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