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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The correct SEO techniques are needed for a website or blog. SEO techniques help us to provide value-added on the website itself, so as to have a top ranking on search engine results.

Many SEO techniques that we can choose according to the intent and purpose of website.  I personally prefer the onpage SEO techniques, why? I did some surveys on the website or my blog with some techniques. Onpage optimization becomes my choice because it is the basic science of SEO. means page of our website optimization according to the standard search engines.

optimization itself can be done in a short time, and in time gradually according to standard search engines. A website that is supported with a lot of backlinks and a good social bookmarking, will promote a website moving quickly on the search results. It is also called SEO techniques are offpage.

Techniques SEO  onpage   is done means that we are building a foundation and some other very strong foundation in stages (naturally). This gives a very good value.

Some use the onpage SEO techniques and SEO techniques offpage supported by its own power with help or without backlink backlinks, social bookmarking and link exchange.

The point is that any optimization is performed either onpage or offpage has its own advantages. That option back to you in determining the targets and how the desired optimization.

My conclusion is that google does not apply only one SEO technique  on many search engines  them. I think google has the structure of the algorithm of the bonds that are interrelated to one another.

I personally  prefer a gradual optimization performed by SEO techniques onpge .Website built in stages and has a natural  strength in accordance  with the age of the website. Age  website also has added value to a website.

Know that Google has its own values ​​given in every website. This is what will affect our ranking in google search engine.


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