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Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's On Page SEO? On Page SEO is part of the Google SEO or SEO techniques activities focus more on your SEO  blog / website or the pages of your blog / website itself.

For me, doing On Page SEO starts before making your blog or website, from creating the theme of your website or blog that will be created but if you have created your blog or website then the first few steps below can be passed on to the next step.

Steps On Page SEO for your Website or Blog below are the parts of On Page SEO itself:

  • Choosing a domain name that suits your theme, so the domain website or blog, you have the main keyword that you want to Google search results on Google SERP
  • Choosing a template website or blog that is not too large in size. The large size of web pages or blogs (including the main page) is very influential to the speed of access to a website or blog. This will affect SEO results in Google SERP.
  • Make sure the template you have a website or blog structure Heading Tag H1 to H6, is part of Google SEO Basics. 
  • Make sure the template you have a website or blog is SEO friendly URL structure.
  • Make sure the template website or blog, you have a navigation system and a good sitemap, so that visitors can easily and Googlebot to crawl your site.
  • Make sure your website or blog templates comply with the rules of W3.
  • Choosing a web hosting that has the speed of access to a good blog or website. Because the server that Googlebot crawl and index are at the Google headquarters in Mountain View, USA, then choosing a web hosting in the USA is highly recommended.
  • Choosing a blog title or the title of a website that has the main keyword as in the selection of the above domains.
  • Try you have outbound links (links out) under 100 links.
  • Activate the visitors to comment because there is some presumption of SEO experts that the number of comments is one of Google for the search algorithm.
On Page SEO post or page on the website or blog as follows:
  1. REMEMBER, content is the most important on page SEO.  content will make it easier to do SEO on your page.
  2. Choosing a post title that have keywords that are relevant to the content important benefits of the Google Keyword Tool to see the popular keywords on Google and that match the topics to be written.
  3. Content or contents page is a powerful  On Page SEO for Google SEO is dominant. Make a page that contains unique content, fresh and quality.
  4. If you use images, add ALT and TITLE attributes in the HTML code for easy-nya.Ini Googlebot do index your images and add keywords of your page at once.
  5. Make internal links with anchor text that links between pages your website or blog that are relevant to each other (internal link). Do not forget to add the TITLE attribute in HTML code anda.Usahakan anchor text makes only one anchor text for links that are the same.
  6. Entering the main keywords into the content, once you create content, it is advisable to increase the keyword density of your pages. But do not be too excessive in these keywords.
On Page SEO addition you also need to know about Off Page SEO. Basic Google SEO  is useful as a reference for learning SEO and how to create a blog.


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