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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Most important element SEO, When you talk to those calling themselves SEO experts, when you follow the SEO course, when you intend to hire an SEO consultant, have you thought about whether to ask most important factors SEO point of view in their view?.

Most likely the champions you find difficult to understand they will appoint sophisticated elements such as social media optimization, link prism link wheel and  link building, blog reviews, forum posts, and so on. They were not wrong, but actually most important element SEO, however, lies in your own hands, that is content.

SEO techniques and SEO strategies continue to evolve along with the development of indexing and ranking algorithms continue to be refined, especially by the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But as far as any SEO evolving, some basic elements never change, one of them is the fact that content - in its various forms - is biggest factor determining success SEO.

Several months ago I was contacted by the owner of a website to help him in terms SEO. Unfortunately in terms of content development, with the advanced practicality, as far as possible automate their website content. I openly say "Sorry, our approach seems to differ so little possibility of success".

I not want to blame what they think is right, though I have to say the reason why I think so. We need tons of unique content, interesting, useful, and quality to convince search engines that we deserve the ranking.

With full confidence that their stretcher to the strategy, they chose to ignore my views. Now after many months, the content they are still not established, their traffic is very small, and appears now on the verge of death.

To give an idea to you, their website is an affiliate websites that rely only on the greatest number of people to be channeled to certain websites. Funny thing is the distribution mechanism of visitors to this he made in the frame that contains a tag with the name of the company <div> where they distribute these visitors. With a description like that, you certainly would not be surprised if they fail.

My other prospective clients is an author of the book. Before we agree on cooperation, I emphasized that I needed so much content in the form of writing. He must provide the content while I will set the right strategy to maximize the benefits of such content and will do the editing so that the content is appropriate to the purpose, SEO. Because he menyanggupinya, then the contract is signed.

A few months later we get the content which he submitted and its content is roughly equal to the contents of the books he wrote. So why do people buy the book then accesses the website he is if it the same?

When you build content for your website, start with the research (both keyword research and competition analysis) then make a plan that allows your site preferred by the target group.


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