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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How often have you heard of practitioners, consultants, or SEO experts advise you to look for keywords that not very competitive. By selling the theory of niche marketing, long-tail strategy, etc., they advise you to duck, a loser who does not dare to fight in the harsh terrain.

Do not allow yourself to continue being a loser just because I was lazy to work hard and unable to work smart. For those who work hard and smart, the opportunity for the shot to top for competitive keywords that are still wide open, drain the overflow traffic is partially converted into sales.

Remember basic principle of search engines. They continue to work hard to develop a system to give its users the best search results, sources of information relevant to the keywords that they feed them. So the most important factor if you want your site considered as a source of relevant information is on-page optimization. Factors supporting on-page optimization among sequence URL, title, content, and programming techniques.

Now let's talk a bit about the simple steps to a powerful stream "link-juice" to individual pages within our website. Such techniques are effective to penetrate the top search engines for competitive keywords and quality traffic flow in large quantities.

1. Choose your dream keyword.

use keyword research tool to create comprehensive keyword list, then choose at least 5 keywords that can stream large amounts of traffic to your site. Do not hesitate, do not be shy. Choose keywords that are most potentially huge traffic flow, although the competition is very tough.

For example, suppose you manage a website that sells travel agent "bali holiday". The order of keywords that you select may be as follows:
  •      Bali accommodation
  •      Bali travel
  •      Bali hotels
  •      Bali holiday package
  •      Bali holiday deals
2. Scatter these keywords in the websites.

Make sure that keywords are spread over many pages in your website. In the description of the product, at the news, on the blogs and so on. Do not just scatter. Content pages where these keywords should be relevant to be placed with the relevant keywords. Make sure you do on page optimization optimally.

3. Create a "landing page" for each keyword on your site earlier.

Landing pages are pages specifically made ​​to help those who do a search. They will immediately get part of your website relevant to what they are looking for. If they are looking for "bali accommodation", they would be more helpful if they came upon a page that contains accommodation in Bali than the homepage that includes a variety of other products as well.

Usually a blog post not enough for this requirement. Make a special page with content specifically relevant and contain products that are relevant as well.

4. Create Internal linkback

Of all keywords spread across your website (see step no. 2) make a link to the landing page is reserved for those keywords. Landing page will serve as the central point strategy of keywords that you are doing.

5. Enrich linkback

Now is the time variation zoom backlink you created to additional keywords that are also relevant. For this one, you not need to create a new landing page. All you have to do is look for other keywords that are relevant to the main keyword that you Make a landing page.

Make the content relevant to the additional keywords that you have specified. Make a link with additional keywords as anchor text related to the landing page.

So that you do not specify either select additional keywords that are relevant to each keyword, you can ask directly to the parties authorized to determine whether the keywords that are considered relevant or not. Who else if not Google. Because despite all our hearts and our feelings considers relevant, if Google says no, what's a yes. Google's power.

6. Additional steps

The final step is to be patient and tawakal. Although the frequency of crawling search engines - particularly Google - is higher, take a long time to build "trust". Gradually additional keywords that lower levels of competition will begin to rise. Following the keywords you choose. From my experience, at least 2 are not necessary to start seeing results.


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