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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The domain name such as or is a domain name which can be obtained by buying through your domain name as at By choosing and to have its own domain name will give more value to branding your blog or website.

I do not discuss about how to get your blog or website domain name for the way he has been much discussed in other blogs. I want to share if you have a blog or a webiste domain name independent will give you more value for SEO Google process.

Parameter SEO Google for your blog or website domain name is a good domain name which has the main keyword that want to target in Google SERP. For example:
  • If you want to target keyword "SEO for blog" then it is a good domain name that has keywords like "" or "".
  • If you want to target keyword "SEO" and "blog" it is a good domain name that has keywords like "" or "".

Availability of desired domain names can be checked directly in the website domain name provider and if the domain name you want your blog or website already has, try other keyword combinations. Another way is to combine keywords with other keyword  destinations in the domain name, such as
If you use a free blog providers like Blogger / Blogspot or Wordpress, how to choose a domain name of his blog is the same whether there is an additional domain name or behind the domain name of your blog.

Although others  SEO Google factors play a role but the role of domain names is also very helpful. It can be seen from the results in the Google SERP for your favorite keywords, much that was ranked first Google of blogs that use the domain name of the favorite keywords.


Anonymous said...

Domain names are not just online identities anymore they are the most important asset an online company owns. There are businesses being spun out because the owner stumbled on a good domain name. These folks are minting money like hell that they use this revenue to build more and better businesses.

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Domain name is must be your brand name and be short not much long.
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