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Monday, December 12, 2011

Google SEO for beginners can be started without the need to have IT skills, especially the Internet. The key is the willingness to learn to Search Engine Optimization Google because when there's a will surely produce something good.

Google SEO for beginners can start by learning how to create a blog or website, which can be studied directly by creating a blog. Learn to create a blog should also be constituted with good references, which can be obtained via the Internet or books that are widely available in English.

From this blog you will learn to about HTML, the terms, such as tag, dofollow, nofollow, scripts, CSS, which could be the basis for learning SEO Google. So indirectly you have started learning SEO Google.

It's not hard to learning blog and Google SEO in Indonesia for the newbies now than 10 years ago. Many of the references already exist on the Internet using the Indonesian language, even create a blog through the blog publisher like Blogger and Wordpress are Indonesian.

After creating a blog, you can learn basic SEO Google through the Google SEO Basics Guide. Ebook from Google is quite as you learn basic SEO Google and if you implement all the stages that exist, I believe the result will be good.

The next stage is to learn Google SEO Advanced / Advance. To learning SEO is Google Advanced, can be found through:
  1. Always follow some like Google Official G Blog and Google Webmaster Central Blog
  2. The books from the world of SEO experts that you can get from online bookstores such as Amazon.
  3. SEO ebook from Expert SEO  world and Indonesia are widely available on the Internet.
  4. Google SEO through blogs Search Engine Optimization experts are. The most widely become the reference is the blog of Matt Cutts and the SEOmoz
Learning Google SEO  without practice, no meaning. You have to practice SEO sciences that have been learned and learning well from his experience. This is the key to learning SEO from Google because the science of Search Engine Optimization Google will prove if there is already evidence in practice so that the postings you can get rank#1 Google.

A  good platform Blog  to learning SEO Google for beginners is Blogger or Blogspot. Why? learn SEO Google because  on Blogger or Blogspot begins with the number of manual configuration so that the science of SEO is learned can be implemented in hand-on. In Blogger or Blogspot does not have a lot Google SEO plugin such as WordPress, so the quality of Google SEO settings are done in Blogger or Blogspot, while studying SEO, can be easily implemented on platforms other blogs or websites. After learning SEO Google and do a practice on Blogger or Blogspot generate good ratings in Google SERP , it is time you switched to a blog platform that has the 'power' is more qualified SEO Wordpress.

In WordPress, setting Seach Engine Optimization Google can be done through plugins so many available, which greatly simplify every blogger. In addition to Google SEO plugins, there are also plugins that supporters can become triggers an increase in traffic. But before using these plugins, learning basic SEO is a must so that the benefits and effects of plugins that can be caught early.

Too bad if you have a blog or a website that has great content, but we do not learn SEO for your blog. I found a lot of quality websites that rank in Google SERP but a far cry from the top 10. We can learning cope with and understand SEO, especially SEO Google.

If you have an online store and rely on Google to bring traffic your online store, then learning SEO Google is a must. Many of my experiences from my friends this SEO blog visitors are asked for advice for their online store, when I checked their online store, a lot of SEO parameters that must be done. They have a specific product online store but they are not optimized because of the limitations of their knowledge SEO Google.

Good product and a good knowledge of Google SEO is a powerful combination to start an online business or just to share product information to the brand image of the product was even better. Start thinking in order to learn SEO Google Indonesia-quality products can be known to the world through Google.

If you apply learning SEO Google on Blogger or Blogspot, WordPress, Prestashop, etc., then you've learn SEO for Blogger, WordPress SEO learning and learn SEO Prestashop simultaneously. Although Google SEO methods and technique which do slightly different but it is the same science.

PLEASE REMEMBER, learning  Google SEO for beginners to be in vain if it has a blog's content is derived from the copy and paste it as Google for duplicate content algorithm is better than ever. So it will be worth it just learning SEO Google but the main principle of 'Quality Content' is not guarded. Quality blogs are blogs that have quality content that will greatly benefit the future. Make the content according to the skills, knowledge, experiences and thoughts we have and this will make your blog unique.

Never stop learning SEO for Google  "Heaven Above Heaven Were There" and you can learning some science on this blog Google SEO.


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