What is Objectives your site?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What is Objectives your site?, In an article this SEO tutorials series will be discussed about the destination - or rather the usefulness - of your site. For who? In turn is for you, but before you 'get' your turn to be 'give' first. So the purpose or use of this site at first is for the user / audience.
  • How is your site to solve major problems of its target audience?
  • What information is presented to users?
  • Actions users what you want on each page served, and how these actions related to your main goal?

Maybe now you think and this not SEO!

You are right. The points above are not the traditional SEO. Only to be understood that SEO is very much changed since the last few years, when the perpetrators are aware that SEO is just one part of the process of site monetization. Different skill with the skill SEO web design or copywriting, you still must know the elements of both (web design / copywriting and SEO) SEO results converted to well.

what good is traffic free (SEO) if there is no mechanism to turn it into income?
We'll talk about conversion analysis later, for now make a list of:
  • Information / functions / what page your site will be presented on its users?
  • How did the first points on a role in achieving the primary (and secondary) of your site?
  • What steps do you want the reader to do in these pages?
After creating the list, time to evaluate your site to assess the current condition and compare it with the condition that it should be.

Analysis an Existing Site

Evaluate your site by  following checklist:
  • What is already focusing on the major issues the audience? If not, why, and what can be done to fix it?
  • What is already providing all the information you needed? If not, why, and how would you do?
  • Does each page have anything to do with the purpose of primary / secondary set? If not there, meaning there is no point. Can be removed or placed on the page more relevant?
  • Does each page have a clear purpose? The front page and category pages usually are less focused, but each page can be made internally very focused and it should have one (and only one) purpose of existence.
Now position yourself as a user, who has just 'landed' on an internal page via a search on search engines.

Which is roughly what you want?

Of course the answer depends on the context and benefits of the site, but if you can adopt a basis of thinking and apply it on each page, then you will have a highly focused sites, which not only generate traffic but also to convert it into income.

New Site

Usually easier to build a site from scratch that directly focus on conversion and on-site SEO is better than optimize and develop a site that already exist.

On the other hand, are usually already have existing websites backlinks so that efforts could further link building easier (or possible problems when URLs change much), plus the already 'known' search engine.

If it is considered carefully and there is a picture of your site's purpose, then when the redesign is a great time to refocus. You can do SEO, content writing and conversion from the beginning.

Success Indicators and Monitoring
Consequences of goal setting is that you also have to determine indicators of success and monitor progress.
For example, for a site, I define success indicator (within 1 year) as follows:
  • 3000 hits per day. Have worked out a niche that the larger space, but the range I specify as the minimum target.
  • $ 500 per month. I use affiliate programs, direct advertising and AdSense.
  • Occupying page #1 (top 10) for the main keyword, and the top 5 key words for the second and third tier (long tail keywords).
  • Formed community (forums) with at least 250-500 active members.
The goal above is to be achieved, it is the minimum target (traffic and revenue) can I expect if you do it fulltime.

How do you measure success? For some items - such as AdSense and keyword ranking, you may be very different purposes, depending on how competitive a niche target and how much daily traffic can be expected from the key words that were targeted. Position # 1 for popular keywords can produce 10,000 hits per day with ease, but also definitely fierce competition.
You have to do keyword research and competition analysis before it can determine indicators of success.

If indicators of success have been determined, perform monthly monitoring (for traffic and search rankings I'll show you his tools). If you do not see any progress every month, then you must make an evaluation and find out where the problem is.
What is Objectives your site?


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