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Friday, November 18, 2011

There is several keyword research tool either free or paid that available on the internet to help you develop a list  keywords at once to obtain data about the search for those key words.

You can use this tool as an additional (or even replace) the process keyword research that I described earlier. Ideally you combine the two techniques is keyword research; research as  tool of generating ideas to get a general picture, manual keyword research techniques for customizing list keywords that are more in tune with your target audience.

Each of these tools use  base keyword to generate a list of related phrases based on internal database respectively. All the tools that I am relating rank the key words based on the estimated search popularity (the number of searches using a keyword within a specific time period). Exact methods can be different on each tool.

How do you use? Just open the program / ​​site, enter base keyword , then enter one or several additional variables and the outcome emerges. A few keyword research software provides export options, where you can accommodate the results on a text file or Excel (. Csv). If you can not, just copy-paste. To develop a more extensive list, you just choose keywords be "top category" in the resulting list. This form of sub-topics that you can instantly recognizable just by looking at a glance.

For example, if your base keyword is "home theater system" sub-topics then you are "home theater audio", "home theater speakers," home theater design ", etc.. Digging deeper into sub-topics, and make a list of keywords that are targeted / focused around the sub-topic is very useful if you want to cover all possible searches conducted audience preferences topic or your site.

While by now used to, keyword research tools that I will discuss in subsequent articles are Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Suggest, WordTracker, Keyword Discovery, Digital Point Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Elite, and Market Samurai. Part of this tool in the form of software / programs installed on the user's computer, partly in the form of a script or tool that is hosted by a particular site, and some of it was paid.


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