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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Keyword research still plays an important role although the maps and SEO strategies have changed significantly (from on-page optimization to link building and social marketing right now). Since its inception, SEO Tutorials only discusses the analysis of the topic and how to perform the optimization on a particular subtopic.

The problem is, how to think casual searcher often does not correspond to the optimization that we do, they use a simple search that is sometimes difficult to understand or is not appropriate (eg; "search engine than mozilla") or even insert a stack of words (eg: "how to use and technology of search websites (search engines) "- the long tail anyone?).

Determination web site goals and audience identification is one aspect SEO is to make you the focus, as for keyword research aims to expand the scope of 'language' and 'term' used target audience when they use search engines.

Main process of keyword research is as follows:
  1. Creating a keyword list - that may use your site audience.
  2. Calculate the approximate number of searches daily - on the major search engines for those key words.
  3. Evaluating the competition - namely the websites that you will face to get rank on every keyword.
  4. From the data collected and then select the number of keywords with high search volume (many of that use the keyword search every day) but with low competition (not too many sites that promote themselves for these keywords).
Creating keyword list
There is no standard formula to create a keyword list - I try to summarize some of the strategies alone. Ideally all of these strategies are used for confirmation and enrichment. On a small project could have a few steps dilewat and used when the site began to grow.

  • Who are you? Your company name (abbreviations and full names)? For small businesses may need to also state the name of the owner or handler.
  • Products / services are offered? Write the term commonly used in your industry and product names are offered.
  • Where is your position? Optimization of geographic location (geo-targeting) is very important that the type of business / organization you are a brick and mortar.
  • Special needs what to full site / business? Keyword ideas can be gained if you've set goals and target audience of your site.
  • Position yourself as a seeker or the target audience, and imagine yourself as a person to be served. What would you type into the search box?
  • Use the variations of all the keywords that have been made. For example: 'search engine marketing' and 'search engine optimization' can be considered the same and variants of each other (as well as the 'search marketing'). Use the singular and plural (depending on language).
  • Consider common themes and events that affect your business (seasonal, for example; Ramadan, Halloween, or Christmas).
His name is also brainstorming, the point is to make the list as possible. It sounded troublesome and tedious, but you do not fear forgetting something - then put all that unthinkable.

The move follows? Use the help.

Developing list
There are many resources you can use to develop a master list. In some cases these sources know more, or - sometimes - just to give an additional minor. Even so, additional minor can give a different perspective and often valuable enough to be included.

  • Your team - anyone. If you are working on an SEO consultant (or SEO work in a team), it is better to do brainstorming together. Or if you are a member of special teams in the organization / company is developing the site, do brainstorming with other employees.
  • Media industry - Use online forums, news sites, reference sites and offline media to develop a list of commonly used terminology to describe your product or service.
  • Customer - Consumers will experience sophisticated familiar with the term you use, but most people will not understand. If know, maybe they just have heard without knowing the meaning, and probably will never use it when doing a general search.
  • Competitors - How to quickly and easily do keyword research is to find the top 5 competitors (pick keywords most extensive meaning in your industry, for example; "golf", do a search on Google, take five sites that shown at the top) and see what keywords just that they use.
Finally, despite its existing website and traffic monitoring program installed, note the search keywords used by visitors.  Keyword Research


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