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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SEO effort is useless if you do not have a clear picture of:
  • Destination site that is SEO-it
  • Who that the target visitors
  • What you want them to do
  • What your long term goals
  • The progress made from time to time
In addition, you should know the best way to attract the attention of the audience (keyword that attracted the most attention) and how much effort should be made to achieve the objectives (competitive analysis / competitive analysis).

What is Objectives your site?

Determine objectives to be achieved by your site, write large on paper or whiteboard or any media easily visible, do not write on the computer when I have to manually open the file first.

For some people, the site is an extension of the life / interest / their business, aims to publicize and draw attention to what is done in the offline world. For others, the site of interest IS / business itself. This difference is certainly affecting a lot of things and priorities.

What is main objectives your site? Is it to sell something? Is it to attract subscribers to your mailing list? Whether as an online storefront to provide basic information about your product on a customer?

For most companies, branding is the main objective to have a site. For other companies, the site serves as a means of building community for products and / or services.

Your objective (or objectives companies) and business strategies that are used have a major influence on how to setup and use such sites.

For simplicity, I give two examples, a real case of an online company, and the fictitious example of an offline business that want to utilize websites to generate clients.

Example # 1:
StatCounter example, an online company that is known to provide traffic tracking services. StatCounter provides counter service that is easy to use, non-intrusive and free, of course it's just 'sweetener' for people to try their service before selling pay services (which eliminates many limitations of the free version).

So what was the main objectives StatCounter?

Main Goal: To provide the best service paid hit tracking

The main purpose will help you focus and stay on the right track when you decide what to do with the site. Objectives could be more than one, for that you divide it into one main objectives and one (or more) secondary objectives.

Returning to the example StatCounter, their secondary goal is approximately:
Secondary Goal: Selling ad space for monetization popularity and visitor traffic as an additional income.

Example # 2:
Imagine the imaginary case of a freelance web designer; Mbah yuyu, that want to use the site for the presentation of a portfolio (the work). Incidentally this Urip Mbah a desire to teach and to share knowledge through its website. Plus, Mbah Urip want to get extra income apart from design services, then he also wants to sell site templates and custom scripts on his website.

Main Goal: To attract the attention of prospective clients

Secondary Goal # 1: Write about web design techniques and knowledge sharing
Secondary Goal # 2: Get income from selling scripts and templates.

A good example of this second that secondary goals mbah yuyu support and is still closely connected with the main objective - template and the article is an additional means to attract more customers / clients.
Ideally secondary objective is limited to at most 3 (less is better). Sole focus is very helpful in sharpening your SEO efforts.

Of course a lot of objectives and expect a lot from your site is also not something that is forbidden. Then, somehow make sure that you do not lose focus and let too many objectives evolve so none that achieved.


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