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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In vain did have the information but do not have the knowledge and desire to use it effectively. You're reading one article SEO Tutorial, so I assume you have the desire to take advantage of SEO knowledge.

Having had the desire, you must have a plan. In management science, the best plan is a plan that is flexible, but it contains enough detail to guide you and enables you to modify it as needed.

This article will introduce the four phases in the planning of SEO.

Why 4, not 5 or 3? Well, because for me 4 this step gives the best results - and the fourth step is the basic template for  SEO campaigns I usually do. Four phase is not something raw, please change your course (not reduced substance). Suppose on the launch phase of the site, if you feel that phase should be split into two, do it. Then if you want to combine steps 2 and 3 (optimization of the site and the launch site), please combine. Are free.

Phase 1: Research

This is the first important part of SEO planning and actually not too difficult and tedious as expected many prospective fighters SEO.

Admittedly, I am not someone who likes to sink in the planning and research. I myself usually 'just do it' and fix things later. Research must be done, but should not make you weigh too much so it was never in action.

Research phase is also very easy to miss, be due not know how, could be because of the temptation to 'just do it' is too high at the time to find something that I find interesting.

Whatever the reason, remember one thing: if you want to conquer the targeted market segments, you HAVE to do research. The point.

Determination Objectives
What is the purpose of your site, imagine the ideal audience for the site.

Keyword Research
If you already know the topic to be taken (and have a picture of your audience), collect what keywords are commonly used and the data associated with those keywords.

Competitive Analysis
Analysis of the competition to be faced. Who are the competitors, and what they've done in SEO / online marketing.

Phase 2: Building / Site Optimization

This phase is different for each SEO project, depending on whether the site is new or old / established.

Keyword and Content Sites
How to use keywords on your site, how to break down the key words on some pages and how to organize sites based on keywords.
On-Page SEO
Optimizing web page elements: title tags, meta tags, keyword usage and avoid duplication of content.
Site Architecture
Architecture site is about how you arrange the pages of the site (internal linking), search engine friendly URLs and use the sitemap.

Phase 3: Launch Site

Basics of Link Building
The basic things in practice an effective link building, link type is needed, and how you will do so in the long run.

Site Launch Links
The types of links are needed at the site was launched (go online) so that its presence known search engines, so that web pages indexed and simultaneously boosted its position because of trust and authority obtained.

Phase 4: Long-Term SEO

Been described from the beginning that Search Engine Marketing is a long term commitment and should be done consistently. This means you must be content to build consistent, consistently perform link building and consistently monitor the results of your work (based on traffic and position on the SERP), then do the fine tuning (improvements) in your SEO activities.

Sources Links
Where did your site get a link? It will be shown 10 sources link and how to find it. 
link Partners
How to use search engines to find potential link partners. 
Valuation Links
How to assess the quality of a link, and how this affects the quality of the practice of link building. 
content Quality
Content how the right to insert a link and how to form a habit to create quality content. 
Using the analytical tools and data to narrow down the search rankings and drive campaign SEO / link building.

That's the things you should know and include when creating SEO plan. This is only a first. Each phase of the above will be described in separate articles.


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