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Monday, November 14, 2011

Not all rating factors in search engine rankings are important, several ranking factors such as PageRank (PR) is only important in certain conditions. Others such as META tags, functions only to refine the details and not very big influence on the position in search engines.

You must know factors are needed to dominate the three major search engines effectively. Starting from this article I will discuss about the main factors and how each of these factors are treated differently from search engines. Will be discussed also other factors and examples optimization.

Generally it is difficult for a website to occupy the top position on a search engine, especially on more than one at a time. Webmasters often complain about the 'absence' their site on Google, but the site it occupies the top position in Yahoo, or any other case, occupies a position of 'good' on Google but had no position at all in the Bing.

Develop an effective SEO strategy in order to 'control' Google. Yahoo, and Bing (we also include Ask for comparison) at once is difficult, but not impossible.

In the previous article about the factors that assessed a variety of search engines you've seen how the nature of each search engine in the ranks. Next I'll explain a little about Ask first (fourth most popular search engines) then we'll talk about the factors that can boost your site positions in all search engines in subsequent articles.

I will also discuss more details about the Google Sandbox and Pagerank, and why these two factors important to understand and how you can use it - yes, if you think about it, there are ways to take advantage of 'sandbox effect' of this.

Does your site will be secured in the top position in Google, Yahoo, and Bing later? No, I do not guarantee anything (let alone the winds of heaven).

To be sure, I will show that there are ways to get ranked on all three major search engines and you can also do it.

Top position? Not necessarily.
The first page? Very, very possible.

Ask - A Forgotten Search Engines

Ask.com search engine is often referred to as the most accurate, but less well known, and because the current market dominance enjoyed by Google and Yahoo make almost no room left for alternative search engines.

Even so, if Ask just over 5 percent market share of searches, this is the 5 percent that you CAN nets with using the principles of good search marketing. So why not?

Things to know about Ask:
  • Have a great weight to the assessment authority  of a topic and relevance of the links.
  • Slow to index and rank
  • Similar to Google in terms of giving more weight to the link / link instead of on-page optimization.
Ask a large weighting given to the links that are on-topic, make Ask.com as a good measuring tool to assess whether your site gets the right kind of links (and the relevant authority). Ask an emphasis on the topic of grouping also means that your site will not get a good ranking (even not be indexed properly) if you do not have a few inbound links from similar niche.

Ask this matter need not worry about it, I also would not discuss it further. To remember is to check your site position in Ask.com is a good way to assess how on-topic and what aspect of your site on-topic should be improved.


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