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Sunday, November 13, 2011

In the previous article about the factors considered by Google, has been described 3 factors whatever be the size of the 'quality' by Google. In this article I will summarize what the main ranking factors, both on Google and other search engines.

Yahoo, MSN (Bing), etc.

The dominance of Google and Yahoo put Bing on second and third most important position in the SEO effort that we do (Ask who finished fourth, only controls nearly 5% of the total search market).

There is an interesting thought - because many reports that say it is easier to get SERP rankings and master pages in Yahoo and Bing, rather than 'master' of Google.

I myself think that it depends on SEO strategies are applied. There are many websites that receive the majority of traffic from Google, and almost no traffic was coming from Yahoo or Bing. There are also many websites that get high rankings in Yahoo, but quite low on Google. The difference that I see just from how to promote these sites and link building methods are used.

Which is more important / valuable?

Google controls more than 50% (this figure seems still going up and maybe even higher as you read this article) of all search traffic, so according to my 'master' Google has more value.

Which is more easily optimized?

SEO world generally agree that Google is the most difficult in-optimization. I personally think the statement is less fair, especially since most fighters SEO uses strategies that 'expired' and too much attention to the things that Google itself does not consider important again in 3-4 years.

The old way still lets you get a good ranking in Google, but with the method of 'old school' is actually better your chances at Yahoo and other search engine than Google.

It is precisely the big question is - what ranking factors are used all three major search engines, and how we as webmasters can use them for our website?

Monitoring Developments in World

There are several websites that monitor developments in the world of search engines are complete and up-to-date, we just monitor the course website.

My favorite is the 3 sites below :
Search Engine Land - Provides complete reporting. The main contributor Danny Sullivan and Barry Schwartz, supported by many other contributors such as Eric Ward, Gord Hotchkiss, Greg Sterling, Bill Slawski, etc..
Search Engine Roundtable - discussion topics and the best of the search world (mainly from various forums), by Barry Schwartz.
Search Engine Journal - The combination of reportage and tutorials search the world of SEO, SEO services have a Clinic, which provides free consultations twice a month. By Loren Baker.

while 3 were used, three were just bound to make you busy dive into the world of SEO.

If you need a source of more weighty reading, please visit the SEO by the Sea by Bill Slawski which contains analysis of various algorithms and ranking technology that patented by Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Bing). Reading that good, but I was not reading that match if you are not inclined to engage in a professional in SEO.

The next article will explore the factors ranking (ranking factors) and the reason why these factors are important (and why it will remain important far in the future). Stay tuned!


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