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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Understanding How Search Engines Work

Logical only if you want to occupy the # 1 position for selected keywords, consequently you must understand how search engines work. That is, you not only have to know what factors search engines use to rank on a website, you also need to know how search engines read web pages and compiled the index (this topic I will discuss later).

In the last few years search engines have undergone many changes, and still continue to update the algorithm periodically. So the next time learn how search engines work, should understand the following things:
  • Understand what goals to be achieved by the search engines
  • How can you know the changes in search engine algorithms
  • How to update your knowledge on various developments in the world of search engines    
The key importance of your SEO strategy is to have the current knowledge about developments in the SEO world, especially about the various changes to the search engines. 

Customize Your SEO Strategy 

The most important thing about SEO is that there is no single standard formula applicable to all. Every website project needs a different and appropriate adjustments. 
Of course, a formula that you may already know will deliver results, but results will not be as effective plan tailored to the needs of a particular project. Although the general principle remains the same and can be applied to any website project there are differences in the components of the analysis, conclusions and next steps as a result of these conclusions.

Decide what you should focus, perform competitive analysis, and evaluation of how difficult or easy your website to rank for certain keywords.

Every website has different goals, these goals will determine what type of keywords you want The goal, how the composition of his audience, how fierce the competition, how strong capital and time you can afford to spend.

In the next article I will give examples of how you adjust the SEO process on two different types of projects. Please subscribe let me not miss.


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