Example Customization SEO Strategy

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Every website has different goals, these goals will determine what kind of keywords to target, how the composition of his audience, how fierce the competition, how strong capital and time you can afford to spend.

As I've promised here, in this article I will show examples for customization SEO strategies on two different types of projects:

Website A :   is an information site (not the product site) that focus on a particular niche. This property determines the keyword / keywords that would "shot". The key words are (as well as its target niche) have low levels of competition, so it takes a little work, time, and costs that need to be removed in order to have Site A is the # 1 position for its target keywords. Later, it was determined that Site A will greatly rely on traffic from search engines.

With this information, there are two alternative solutions - first, you can reduce costs by doing SEO 'free' and does not need to pay fees for links and directory submissions. Or, you can save time by paying a few directories with high authority to place a link so the results were soon felt in the search engines.

Another example:

Site B is the corporate website of a company that is growing rapidly in a fairly competitive industry is offline, but competition in the online world was not too fierce. Some key words that are commonly used in this industry has a low to medium level of competition (later we will discuss also what exactly does 'competition' is and how you can determine those sites most robust competition).

Then note that search engines are just one aspect of an online marketing strategy company. The main purpose of this site is to emphasize the benefits of their services and products, and targeting a number of key words (which have a high level of competition).

Based on this information, you know that to get the # 1 company must invest time and money. Paying directory submission into mandatory, as well as buying links. Some of these keywords link building efforts also need to be integrated and coordinated, and it usually takes quite a while before results are seen on the first page (not / has not been the position of # 1) SERP.

In this case, your SEO strategy will also depend on how flexible the freedom that have to spend money and make changes to the site - you may be asked first example of the former before the budget proposal is approved and the necessary liquid funds. In addition, make changes to corporate sites are usually not very easy because of bureaucratic obstacles and other non-technical.

Of course, any type of project, you must decide your own customize SEO strategy should be made, I can show you how and tools help him, but it is you who must make decisions.

Example Customization SEO Strategy


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