SEO and Not SEO

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Most people - okay, almost everyone who recently joined the world of SEO - SEO is simply equated with rank # 1 for a website in Google.

But the truth is SEO is much broader than that. There are three main steps process SEO:
  1. Like other business, you must define and identify your target audience (target market). Here you not only specify the purpose of making the website and describe the audience profile, but also monitoring the competition / competition and evaluate what is needed in order to 'dominate' a particular sector or niche that you are applying.
  2. You perform the steps necessary to make your website gets the highest possible ranking in search engines for key words (keywords) that are often used target audience of the website. This step includes the things you have done to the site itself (if you create a new website should make sure that the site is search engine friendly from the start). Then this step also includes conduct off-site activities which aims to create another website to link to your site.
  3. You monitor the development of your website in search engines are constantly or continuously and perform various adjustments on SEO strategies in times of need.
It should be noted that SEO is not an online activity aimed at generating traffic / visitors (or promote) your website. Strange with this statement? Try to understand more. 

What is NOT SEO 
  • Online advertising , which is to buy promotion to get traffic from other sites is NOT SEO. This is a promotional site (site promotion) even though the purchased promotional links may help rankings in search engines.
  • Public relations (press releases, advertisements in mass media, a review of the blog) is NOT SEO. Again this is a promotional site, which may result in links to your site. 
  • Creating a website that exploits a weakness in the search engine algorithms in order to be ranked # 1 for selected keywords in a short time is NOT SEO. This is search engine spamming, which I will not discuss further. 
  • SEO is not a trick to get several thousand visitors to your site within 24 hours.
  • SEO is not always free - some effective SEO techniques would cost.
  • Creating a book and ebook and give it away free to visitors of your site is NOT SEO.  
However most of the activities above is NOT SEO CAN into part of SEO strategy if you want to do it that way. Do not forget that SEO itself is generally one part of a larger strategy to promote your site. Separation and understand more other promotional activities from the activity if you are a professional SEO.

SEO and Not SEO 


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