191 rider scramble 8 Tickets to Thailand

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sport news to day 191 rider scramble 8 Tickets to Thailand

registered riders will perform the ground water in the Grand Final Yamaha Cup Race (YCR), Sunday, December 11, 2011 is being held at the Circuit Kanjuruhan, Malang. They will compete for eight tickets to compete in the Yamaha Asean Cup Race (YACR) in Thailand, next year.

"The plan, YACR will be held in Bangkok, 16-18 December 2011. But, due to flood, then the new 2011 YACR be held in Phuket in January 2012," says Yamaha Motorsport Manager, Ari Wibisono.

Indonesia will send 10 riders to YACR, five each for Seeded and Beginner classes. Yamg riders perform in the Grand Final has been racing in the 13 series in four Region 6 series namely Sumatra, Java 4 series, 2 series of Bali and Lombok and Sulawesi Region first started in February 2011. Plus a Grand Final, Yamaha held a total of 14 rounds. 

"The event is not just for promotion, but rather to look for talented racers in Indonesia," said Ari. For a while, two tickets to Thailand was struck by Teddy Permana in class and Iqbal Seeded Gatra in Beginners class. They are the overall winner of Sumatra Region.

Determination of eight other tickets will be done in Kanjuruhan. Anggi Permana and Sigit PD competing for the title of the most prestigious general class this season, namely MP1 (Ducks 4 was seeded 125cc tune up). In the determination of race in the Grand Final which takes place in Kanjuruhan YCR, will Sigit pole, while the second Anggi.

Anggi expressed a desire to win the class size of MP1. "My biggest opportunities in MP1 because while it was at the top of the standings. In the race I am going to secure the points of closest competitor, Deny Triyugo," said Anggi. Deny is ranked second in the standings MP1 Anggi with odds 17 points.

In class MP2 (Ducks 4 No 110cc tune up seeded), Sigit and Anggi also will start each of the positions 1 and 2. In this class, Sigit a benefit because there is at rank 2 standings. Yamaha TDR Federal Oil NHK FDR Yonk Jaya Triyugo Deny it compete with the top the standings. However, Deny disadvantaged due to race today from the grid to-7.

In class MP3 (Ducks 4 stroke 125 cc engine tune up tune up Beginners) and MP4 (Ducks 4 No 110 cc Starter tune up), Yamaha Yamalube FDR KYT Trijaya, M Zaki has a great opportunity to be the overall champion. In grade MP3, Zaki will start from position 2 second behind Agus Setyawan. While in class MP4, Zaki pole. Good starting position that paved the way to marry the title because Zaki was leading the standings in two class.     

Sport news to day 191 rider scramble 8 Tickets to Thailand .


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