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Monday, December 26, 2011

SEO Technique For Google Panda  - particularly bloggers archipelago, is currently being crowded-ramenya  discuss a new google algorithm called  google panda, panda I think google is very difficult to predict and again we should be hung by it with the certainty of uncertainty:  D more confusing ...! easy going

google panda once hated seo techniques that violate the user guide google webmaster or  that term is blackhat SEO, and google algorithm panda seems designed to detect the blog / website that use blackhat seo and will kick it away from google search results, aka banned permanent, it is true that blackhat seo techniques very quickly once the result and also very fast disappearance.

plainly how google panda algorithm to overcome this ...? we need not fear that will be banned / deindex google searching engine of the SERP if we had followed the instructions for using google webmaster tools, seo techniques long now seems to have no effect or results too show a maximum, it indicates the algorithm google pandas are true really has changed at all and need to watch out for those who apply black seo techniques.

SEO is all necessary, even  become a thing memonetize mandatory for bloggers who blog them, so they can market their products  to compete in the searching engines, especially Google, because Google is the world's largest user in finding information on the Internet.

points  can I take from the experience in google algorithm is as follows:
  •      No duplicat content
  •      Content that gives results that are relevant to the title in SERP
  •      On page Optimation
the above  three factors are very influential in my opinion at all for future blog / wensite us to  still exist in the google  SERP.

may be useful if the newbie and this is one of the above techniques please create a master-master to act here:


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