Types of SEO Techniques

Sunday, December 25, 2011

There are two  types of SEO techniques  used to do people to the website, websites,  blogs publicized to the public and easily found through search engines. Two techniques are:
- On Page and
- Off Page

On Page  SEO is SEO technique with the advanced method that  focuses on the theme,  look of the website /  web design and content  / content of the website. Of course those three things should be mutually supportive. Display your website or website design should be made ​​in accordance with the theme of the website, as well as to its content.

Off Page SEO is SEO technique with the advanced method that focuses on the many links that attaches to the website / site or blog. To build these links can be done by following the mailing lists, sending emails, fill out a comment on the blogs or other websites, chat, facebook, guest books and so on.


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