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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This article is about learning seo for beginners but we are not talking about learning seo but about quality backlinks.
Hunting is an important backlink done by an owner or webmaster of the site including for bloggers to increase popularity in google. With so many quality backlinks then have it in every article will be in high position in search engines and able to attract quality traffic as well.

Here is how mandatory to get Best quality backlinks to your blog in  eyes of search engines:

Hubpages. Hubpages is the web 2.0 that has the level of high authority backlinks in search engines so that you get from Hubpages will improve the quality of your blog. You can just create a page on Hubpages and then fill it with content that setopik with the blog topic that will be given an injection of backlinks. Embed this article backlinks within the content to be more natural and businesses comply with their TOS because Hubpages bit tight in overseeing the affairs of the outgoing link. Additionally you can add RSS feeds to your blog in order to get a one-way backlinks every article there is an update to your blog.

Squidoo. Similarly, Hubpages, Squidoo is a web 2.0 where you can create a lens or blog topic pages in accordance with the relevant articles as well and then add backlinks to your blog. In addition, you can embed RSS feeds on your lens page where there is an update every article, the article then your blog will get a one-way backlinks of your lens.

Technorati .Similarly no.1 and 2 above. technorati is what distinguishes it as a specialized blog search engine specialist. for more details please see my article here.

Social Bookmarks. Submit each after you post a new article to social bookmarking sites because sites like this are very quick to assist the process of indexing and you get one-way backlinks . Social Bookmark is also a site that is trusted by search engines because of the level of regular updates and tagget obtained from a variety of content available on the internet. Many social bookmarking sites that you can make a backlink sources such as,, or etc.

Provide testimonials. By providing testimonials means that you have a chance to get one-way backlinks. Moreover, the site you give testimonials are trusted sites and old age.

Article Directory. This is the easiest way in my opinion because you just write articles that match your blog topic, backlinks and submit to sites that receive content from the user's publications or its members. You can submit articles to,, or

RSS Feed Directories. As in the first and second points where you can submit your RSS feed here it's just that you submit your blog feed to a special site that publishes RSS feeds like Bloglines or Feedage.

Guest Blogger. You can get one-way backlinks by writing articles for other blogs.

Diligent Blog Comments. As I've discussed in the article on How good banklink , though most of backlinks from blog comments are nofollow, but still be counted as quality backlinks and will again if you use anchor text according to target your keywords and topics relevant to the anchor text your backlink

Link Bait. This is the correct way to find backlinks - completely natural, because you must have a pillar article that is not obsolete by the passage of time and the benefit to others or it could contain controversial articles that get attention from other bloggers so that other bloggers will provide a backlink to be voluntary without being asked because of your article is very interesting to see and share with the community blog.

Backlink from Forums. significant  Backlink outcome from the forum because you only need to fill in once only and any signatures your post diforum, then backlinks you will always appear at the bottom of your posts. Imagine if you had thousands of posts? Your signature means that backlinks will also be numbered in accordance with the number of your posts on the forum. There are several forums that do not allow the use of signatures and there is also a free menampilka signature even though you are a new member with a small number of posts. Usually the platform SMF forum is a great place to hunting backlinks.

Creating Themes. For those of you who can make a theme for Wordpress or Blogspot, then this way you can do because you can insert a backlink in the theme you made ​​and when the theme you use, it will generate a one-way backlinks to your blog.

Profile backlinks . Get one-way backlinks through your profile on Google Profiles, Digg, Flickr or Excite.

top commentator. Often commented on various blogs that installed the widget top commentators and relevant to your blog to get a backlink from a sidebar that automatically you will get backlinks from all the blog pages.

That's how to get quality backlinks, if you have any other way please comment. 

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This article is wonderful as it helps me to get the sort of information that i needed.I am thankful as i got your article when was searching buy backlinks

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@kalpesh : equally friends.
be more beautiful to share with everyone.
hopefully this post can help you in finding backlinks.

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