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Friday, December 16, 2011

Using keywords in heading and subheading on the page - this heading should catch people's attention and indicate if they are at the right place.

<h1> SEO Copywriting - optimization on Pages SEO For Search Engine </ h1> will become a classic SEO efforts. Depending on the level of competition that is expected. In the more competitive phrases is not easy to add sales information. Heading tags from h1 to h6 form the largest tagged with a ketch #. Change the appearance of text with CSS. Most wanted are like those in newspapers.

Create your own keyword phrase and similar phrases in the page heading as subheading. Sisannya in writing with the line advertising and does not need to be considered for  search engines optimization. Normal paper will be used as keywords.
Dividing Page In Subgroups
H1 (contains  primary keyword)
H2 (similar phrase subtopic or idea with  keyword phrase)
Paragraph blab la bla bla ..
H2 (another subtopic)
Paragraph bla.bla blah
Paragraph blab la bla
H2 (subtopics that do not have any keyword)
Subheading usually focus on more specific keywords and phrases from the main heading, but contains the same word as main headings.
DESCRIPTIF additional subheading indicates the ease of your website.

Put in Right Place Keyword:

1. Place keywords in the paragraph.
2. Place your keywords in heading tags.
3. Place your keywords in img alt tags.
4. If the word is part of the statement that small will make a specific point, in writing with the bold.
5. Want to add keyword several times in the bulleted list.
6. If possible, add a keyword in  link, do not forget to navigation.
7. The key focus on page and easy to read. If not, search engines will not mengkonvertnya. Want to always use the keyword, but not directly easement only for the search engines rather than for users.

Never Too General
If the keyword is "Learn SEO". can be seen in the word learn SEO and try to replace it with learning SEO for blogspot. A good example when people are no # 1  Google with "SEO google" he had said the opposite "forums" "new" and "strategy". We suggest that adding the word SEO google for a way out. Is guaranteed to be received no # 1 for tips SEO  google, may also be a busy traffic on the same conditions.

Be Creative
Many roads to be creative to make keyword capacity increases. In assuming that we want to "Learn SEO" a target, can be written as follows Learn SEO is one of my favorite vacation. Please know how keywords becomes overlap and in some sentences. Many ways to express keyword.


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