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Monday, July 4, 2011

Learning SEO Blogger or learning SEO Blogspot for Google SEO is learning to apply the do the bloggers who use blog platform Blogspot or Blogger. Many of the comments if the blog platform Blogspot / Blogger was not as SEO friendly as Wordpress, it did not also, by doing SEO techniques Blogspot proper will make the blog can keep up with blogs that use WordPress CMS in Google SERP.

Learning SEO Blogspot
/ Blogger must learn SEO Google first. After studying Google SEO, learn SEO Blogspot / Blogger will be more easily because of the way SEO Blogspot or  SEO Blogger is a way how to do SEO techniques by doing a lot of adjustment in the html source of the blog is concerned with the same basic theory of learning SEO Google.

Learn SEO Blogspot or SEO Blogger should have basic knowledge about knowledge base that can create a blog found at www.w3.org or www.w3schools.com, especially knowledge of html policy. For example: if we will be doing SEO picture, then we need to manually add Alt and Title attribute in the source html image. Unlike WordPress already provides a gui to all SEO settings to be done. Similarly, internal links and meta tags for SEO WordPress greatly facilitates plugin settings available.

Just like theme for WordPress blog, blog template for Blogspot / Blogger majority is set automatically to rel = 'canotical' and H1-H6 Heading Tag on every generated web page includes pages of archive / archive, so we need not fear for duplicate content and setting it again. We just need to check the settings of the blog to convince if the template Blogspot / Blogger we've provided this facility and check it from the main page of your blog or web pages that have been published, the way to see the html source it from our browser.

In essence, learning SEO Blogger or SEO Blogspot just learn to apply the on page SEO Google into the blog, especially adjustment into its source html template like adding keyword density, internal links, navigation blogs, etc. due to off page SEO was just the same way on every platform . .


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