8 Ways Displays Most Important Pages (For SE)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Here are the ways to best display your web pages in search engines (SE) and also hide / remove pages that are not needed / desired.
Depending on how the structure of your site's link, a page usually gets a higher rank than others. Eight way is useful to show the most important pages of your site to search engines:

1. Create pages are easy to find

Make sure the important pages of your site can be accessed with a click as little as possible from the front page (homepage). The fewer "steps" needed to achieve it, the more important pages. For sites with this type of blog that is updated frequently, usually the older an article / page the further steps of the home page.

2. Link to a page with another page

The easiest way of getting "related links" to a web page is to menautnya of the site / web page your own. Create a link to important pages from all pages on your web site related material in these pages. For WordPress you can use Yet Another Related Posts plugin.

3. Use right keywords in the navigation links

If you want a specific page on your site listed on the first page of Google SERP for the keyword "red widgets", then link to that page from another page of your site must contain the word "red widgets". Include keywords in anchor text and URL of the page should contain the keyword in question.

Note, this does not guarantee that the page will be listed on the SERP for the keyword in question, depending on the competition, but certainly the relevance of those pages will rise to the desired keywords.

4. Use absolute links

Instead of using mypage.htm on the content / articles, include the full URL www.mysitex.com / mypage.htm. Imagine if someone is to copy and paste your content to its site (legal or not), then at least you get backlink is right.

5. Use nofollow attribute

Added nofollow attribute to all links that are considered important for search engines listed. Like the privacy policy page or terms and conditions.

6. Remove link that is not necessary

The fewer links on a page, the more important value is that there is a link on that page. Remove the links "not important" in your web page, let alone links that link to your site / page is spam.

7. Remove pages duplicate and irrelevant from the index

Use robots.txt file or robots meta tag to exclude pages duplicate or irrelevant from a search engine indexing system. If search engines do not have to glance at a page that is not important then the other pages will be considered.

8. Turn on or turn off pages are missing

Check your site if there is a link that generates an error 404 not found, then redirect (a redirect) those dead links to other relevant pages on your site, or just delete all. You can check automatically, quickly and for free with my favorite tool: Xenu's Link Sleuth.

Link optimization can certainly improve your position / ranking your site in search engines. Do not forget to also optimize the content of your web pages so that Google and other search engines list websites / web pages for the keywords you are right.
8 Ways Displays Most Important Pages (For SE)


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