Keyword Research with Market Samurai

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Keyword research tool of my favorite is Market Samurai (MS), has been a while I use this one tool. Almost since it was first released. Market Samurai is a primary goal in its efforts to streamline the work process internet marketers.

With this tool when you are struggling with SEO and niche marketing then simply use one software only. No need to open many windows and other programs to process (1) keyword research, (2) analysis of competition, (3) found the content and (4) tracking / monitoring.

Indeed there are many other features that supported this extraordinary application. But process basic SEO is four steps, and everything was covered by  Market Samurai was well.

Before using the MS, to keyword research I used to use the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.
For competitive analysis comparing the various sites that appear in the top 10 SERP and record various metrics on the Excel sheet.
Then to find the idea of ​​content, googling and browsing here and there by opening multiple browser windows, not to mention to check the PageRank and backlinks / popularity as well as duplication of the content by the tools or open various other sites such as CheckPageRank, Copyscape, and Yahoo Site Explorer.

Last for monitoring and tracking to monitor the position on the SERP pages optimized search engines and record it on an Excel sheet on a weekly basis.

It takes effort and time, as well as the necessary discipline of regular work.

Software almost flawless, but Market Samurai is not without drawbacks, the main drawback is the use of Google's keyword database and no other source (of course, because the source data and the largest free keyword is still Keyword Tool from Google). Thus the lack of variety of data, but I guess this is not a problem at all. Then there is an SEO process that was less well-cover, ie the process of link building. Whereas optimization of this one is very important in modern SEO techniques.

Then the platform used is Adobe Air, the excess is Market Samurai can run on Mac or Linux machine than on a PC-based Windows, MS shortcomings often feels slow, especially when done intensive research by opening multiple tabs.

Excess flow is primarily a practical work on one application and free training on his blog complete with video tutorials and clear without being a member. Then a routine update. And foremost is his support team is responsive and satisfying.

Very worth the price, free or free forever (for modules Keyword Research and Rank Tracker). Oh yes, if you decide to buy a version berbayarnya, Noble Samurai require that you pay only once and use forever. Unlike other keyword research tools like Wordtracker is based on monthly payments. So if you are serious about SEO and niche marketing, try just before Market Samurai for Keyword Research.

Keyword Research with Market Samurai


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