Kawasaki Samurai Stylish Sport Car Exhibition

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kawasaki car design was inspired by the Aston Martin V12 and BMW Nazca Homage prototype.
Kawasaki better known by many as a manufacturer of motor sport that has long wrestled in the automotive market, but what if when Kawasaki made ​​a car? Kawasaki ZX-770R Perhaps this concept could be a picture.

As written dilaman Carbuzz, Thursday, August 18, 2011, a designer named Sabino Leerentveld have such wild imagination. Ideas flowed to design a sports car created this Kawasaki.

The inspiration to make this Kawasaki car comes after the Dutch designers are seeing a prototype of the Aston Martin V12 and BMW Nazca Homage and spirit to match the KTM X-BOW.

ZX-770R is a great sports car with dimensions of length 4427 mm, height 1017 mm and 2073 mm wide. ZX-770R has a wheelbase of 2710 mm. Leerentveld said the ZX-770R will weigh 500 kg and beramunisi engine-powered twin-turbo V6 770 hp.

From the looks, Kawasaki ZX-770R Concept looks very sporty with the curves strongly implies he has the aerodynamics tinggi.Ground low clearance also makes this car capable of cutting the wind.


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