The interior is as luxurious Hotel Sedan

Sunday, September 18, 2011

With the interior is all business activities can continue, even in transit.
Car manufacturer is clearly no doubt in mebuat luxury cars for the world's billionaires. This time in Frankfurt Motorshow 2011 Bentley did not lag behind in introducing his new car. Interior package called "executive interior" was applied by the Bentley Mulsanne.

As reported by, Friday, September 16, 2011, high quality leather and wood panels typical of Bentley, Bentley became a priority in making this interior package. Communication, connectivity, and the LCD screen also preferred.

There are at least five LCD screens mounted in the interior of this package. Two iPad style such as Laptops are provided in this interior package. Each IPAD connected with Apple keyboard and trackpad Apple's magic via Bluetooth.

Executive interior is also equipped with facilities like five star hotels, such as refrigerators, reading lights, electric dining table, and others.

The most impressive, Bentley put the Mac mini which is connected with a 15.6-inch LCD screen and Apple's media center. With this technology, Apple's facilities can be connected to each other. Konkesi stable Internet via W-LAN can also be present in the super-luxurious interior.

Bentley takes about 170 hours to make this an executive interior. Unfortunately, there has not been confirmed when the Bentley interior package will be produced en masse. "Maybe this interior package will become an optional accessory package," the report said.

With this interior Bentley ensure all business activities can continue to run, although the trip. (Report: Andhyka Pranusatya)

The following interior photos are taken from Bentley executives


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