PSSI Call the National Team Players Meet Riedl

Friday, September 9, 2011

PSSI has heard a number of players meeting with former Indonesian national teamcoach Alfred Riedl. Responsible for the national team said Brigadier General BernhardLimbong PSSI will call these players.

Previously, when I heard the news meeting the players with Riedl, who was held in PlazaSenayan, Jakarta, Wednesday, September 7, 2011, Riedl Limbong ask leave fromIndonesia.

Men who also served as Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission PSSI said it wouldrequest information from the players. He will call Bambang Pamungkas and his colleagues to clarify the meeting.

"The players who we will call to see Riedl," said Limbong in the office of PSSI,Senayan, Jakarta, Friday, September 9, 2011.

Limbong admit there is no prohibition on the PSSI for the national team players toconduct meetings in order to establish relationship. However, according to a meetingthat was held a day after the national team were beaten 0-2 by Bahrain, it is not appropriate.

"Substantially, see Riedl unbeknownst PSSI was wrong. It's okay relationship, was notin this time," he asserted. "After meeting Riedl, Wim but there is resistance to this newissue. I as the Chairman of the Discipline Committee asked what the substance of that meeting. We are uncomfortable when Riedl meet the players in these conditions," said the man who had been a child for the former Army Chief of Staff Gen. (ret) GeorgeToisutta.
He also recorded a successful team member George and businessman-politician ArifinPanigoro in the General Assembly last PSSI. (kd)


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