Contract Expires 2012, Webber would Pensions

Friday, December 9, 2011

Speculation said Webber will retire after his contract ended with the Red Bull. Mark Webber will be out of contract at Red Bull F1 racing season at the end of 2012. But, Webber would not retire even later thrown out Red BullWebber is undergoing during the contract year after year. 35 racers this year will undergo season-6 with Red Bull in 2012. 

"Yeah, I'm still far from retirement," said Weber told the Daily Mail. 

Speculation said Webber will retire after his contract expired with Red Bull. Consultant to Red Bull, Helmut Marko suggests young drivers will use to fill the position of the Australian rider.

"Helmut never said it to me. But, if that happened was bad for me. We'll see in the middle of next year. Wewould sit at a table and negotiate, " said Webber.  

Webber did have a bad season in 2011. The Australian rider to win the GP only once, it was in the ultimate series in Brazil. Meanwhile, teammate, Sebastian Vettel is very strong with a victory won 11 times. Webber hopes to be more competitive in the 2012 season. But, he admitted to not only focus to beat Vettel.

"Of course, I do not only focus on Vettel. I take into account all the riders," added Webber. "McLaren will be very strong. Ferraris as well, so we have to look good. If we were able to achieve some victories at the beginning of the season will be very nice."

"It's very difficult for any opposing force drivers into account. But this is racing. Everything must be ready," said Webber. (eh)  


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