Gold Plated Mercy Sale USD 99.5 M

Monday, December 12, 2011

A designer Ueli Anliker Swiss, decided to sell Mercedes-McLaren SLR hers who, he argues, has been slightly modified. Interested in having them? Simply reach for their money amounting to U.S. $ 11 million or about Rp99, 55 billion to bring the car home, called Red Gold Dream It.

As Motor Authority loaded, 24-carat gold became the most dominant element of this car. Paint used to coat the car alone is a red paint mixed with 4 kg of gold powder worth U.S. $ 299 thousand that was applied 25 times.

Car wheel is also wrapped the ranks of gold and rubies plastered on the bars. Interior and steering wheel are also covered with gold, do not forget the door handles, door sills, and suburban headlight as well. In fact, the indicator was attached precious stones.

Anliker has estimated a spend of U.S. $ 5.4 million just for the material alone. He claims to employ 35 people to work on his car for 30 thousand hours, and never explained how the wages earned each person.

It designers do not forget to add the GPS in his car because it was well aware, having a car of this kind cause a sense of its own paranoid for their owners. He also added an alarm that automatically sounds when anyone approached.

Anliker still plans to upgrade the machine that will carry up to 1,000 horsepower car before the car actually sold. Some prospective buyers from China and the Middle East has also been contacted. (sj)


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