VW Beetle history

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

AMBITION two German automotive companies Volkswagen Porsche are trying to one another 'caplok' still going on even though they have declared the merger. But behind all that, did you know that historically, the big names they are very difficult to be separated.
History of Volkswagen cars later known as the VW Beetle is very complicated and long to tell. It began on June 22, 1934 when German domestic automotive industry associations encourage Porsche to build the Volkswagen (People's Car in the languageGermany).

The next day on June 23 became the most historic day for both names. Because 75 years ago to coincide with this date, the German government at that time led by the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler gave the order to Ferdinand Porsche to build a simple car concept.
Hitler orders the people's car that can carry five people (two adults and three children), 100km/jam speed, fuel consumption 14km/liter a price no more expensive than riding a motorcycle side.

Then made the concept of embryo Beetle when it was called Kraft durch Freude-Wagen (KdF-Wagen), the city where the car was made named KdF-Stadt. KdF-Wagen poured in 30 prototype in 1937 and marketed beginning in 1938 but stopped after a time to produce 630 units due to World War II broke out in 1939.
Temporarily diverted its plant facilities to produce vehicles like the Kubelwagen war (jeep) and Schwimmwagen (amphibious vehicle). In 1942 emerged from the base Kommandeurwagen KdF-Wagen four-roda/4x4.

The defeat of the German allies (Britain, France, Russia and the U.S.) makes the country divided. KdF-Stadt controlled by the British Army and upon their interference then change the name of the city to Wolfsburg. Volkswagen Vehicles for civil society began to be produced again before the World War II ended, precisely in the summer of 1945.
Civilian vehicle was also changed its name to Volkswagen or VW Kafer Beetle (in Indonesia is popularly known as the VW Beetle). Then these vehicles became popular thanks to its simplicity, toughness and a series of other kelabihan and scattered in various parts of the world.
Therefore, this unique vehicle has many nicknames such as:
* Kafer in Germany, Austria and Switzerland* Pulga in Columbia* Coccinelle or Kever in Belgium* Vocho or Vochito in Mexico* Fusca in Brazil* Escarabajo in Argentina* Map of Bolivia* Folcika in Bosnia - Herzegovina* Косτенурка (Kostenurka), Бръмбар (Brambar) in Bulgaria* Buba in Croatia* Brouk in the Czech Republic* Maggiolino in Italy* Kabuto-Mushi in Japanese* Turtle or Frog in Malaysia* Kever in the Netherlands* Pendong in Filippina* Фольксваген-жук (Folksvagen-Zhuk) in Russia
Actually there are many names of other titles that are sometimes not just one. For instance in Indonesia other than the VW Beetle and the VW Beetle, he was also dubbed by our parents as a VW Sedan (although not as popular as the VW Beetle and the VW Beetle).
To commemorate the while emphasizing the history and strengthen the name of his Porsche, Porsche museum held an exhibition on June 23 to July 31. The exhibition is dedicated to celebrating the 75th anniversary of the VW Beetle the order concept. In this exhibition displayed photographs of the original prototype with the people behind the birth of Ferdinand Porsche's Beetle included.


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