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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scuderia Ferrari Gestione Sportiva, which employs the automaker Ferrari race car, especially the formula is in a department for a name. Also in this area must be type of car for Scuderia Ferrari and Ferrari Corse highway of its customers. Scuderia Ferrari for the "small / cage Ferrari is Italian. It is known that in English the word "Team Ferrari." The racing team (road with the car manufacturers with rayanya type) Fiat Group, which is also motorcycle manufacturer Ducati, Juventus Football Club, and automobile manufacturer Maserati, a subsidiary of monitoring.

Ferrari all season before his first F1 car in 1948 participated Tipo 125 F1 in Formula 1 with. His oldest and most successful team that competed in the competition pool is Ferrari. Today, these drivers Fernando Alonso [4] [5] are danFelipe Massa. Ferrari 2000-2004 year in the German F1 legend Michael "Schumi" Schumacher is on time, which is increasingly better. Ferrari president Luca Cordero de Montezemolo currently, team boss Stefano Domenicali, Ducati MotoGP team boss Claudio Domenicali of his brother. The team as a technical leader in Pakistan Awami Tehreek (chassis) and Luca Marmorini (engine) production by Corrado Lanzone Manager is organized [6] His team supports Prancing Horse team ", was in Italy, this team like a religion ie not tell where the bias, whether in Rome, Milan, Turin and were all from a single purpose: Ferrari victory.

Scuderia Ferrari Enzo Ferrari in 1929 as an amateur had sponsored drivers in different generations. Enzo himself, who is also a tool of their generation as a production vehicle Costruzioni Maccaniche (CMN) Nazionali time with Alfa Romeo is a racer. Ferrari team after filing the evening of 16 November 1929, Bologna was the city as his two brothers Enzo Caniato (Augusto and Alfredo Caniato Caniato) and racer Mario Tadini was at dinner. They produced cars with Alfa Romeo decided to make a team. Enzo Ferrari's racing career success up to that point on Alfredo Ferrari their son's name (later known as Dino Ferrari) was born in 1932 continued. Ferrari team instructions in a major racing event in the field of their fate with 24 Hours of Le Mans 2300 car on an Alfa Romeo 8C Spider try to go two blocks and the results Raihan 1-2 with a victory is very high.

Enzo Ferrari and a few colleagues and superiors to 1938 Viale Trento e Trieste, Modena, Italy, in his office of young drivers looking to be looking for new seeds. Then withdraw Enzo Alfa Romeo for the distribution of racing as a manager, Corse Alfa decided to call. Enzo ULFA in 1939, when he later Avio Costruzioni Ferrari racing car the former company the tools with Alpha Alpha Romeo, where they pursue competitive the race has not made with the remains of the meet is called.

A contract with Alpha beyond their own Ferrari racing team, where Enzo and 815 Tipo design works with Alberto Massimino, who later that Ferrari used to increase the first car as a car with known (v8 1500cc). But in Modena setelahAlberto Ascari and Lothario Rangoni Machiavelli Marchese Mille Miglia event in 1940 pushed cut, all World War II racing activities, and the rest had to 815 cars. Ferrari racing car parts, then change direction to create the means and in 1943 Enzo Maranello, I move with seat in 1944, where bombs of World War II that they do not fall down.

Grand Prix World Championship to change according to rules of war is over. And that a new Ferrari car, which then makes calls Tipo 125 (V12, 1500cc) managed later to win some races. The Italian Grand Prix racing in 1948 with Raymond Sommer made his debut, and won by Giuseppe Farina first Circuito de Garda.


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