Mistakes SEO Link Building Techniques

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mistakes SEO Link Building Techniques. For a long time I did not post about seo, it felt like I did not find her boyfriend for 1 month :D . melancholic. Well, on this occasion I will share information on a Mistake SEO Link Building Techniques.

Techniques SEO Link building is good and right is a perfectly natural, or in the SEO world is often called natural. Google or other search engines are not designed the system to define their ranking for the fool, but to give tribute to a good website and get  link back naturally. Link building is good and right is not something easy to do, let alone manually. Unfortunately that's the only way to link back that we get really bring benefits. But of course there is the bright side. Those of us who have capital barely even has the same opportunity to succeed.

Mistakes SEO Link Building Techniques

You should know that the practice of link building methods that are not naturally violent or may destroy the benefits of the link building technique. So be careful in doing link building campaign. Here are  Mistakes SEO Link Building Techniques:

Masal Link Packages

Many people who use our laziness by offering an enticing package link. "Get Thousands of inbound links instantly!" Maybe you never get spam emails with offers roughly similar. What did he have to offer similar to the way he offers, spam. If you hate spam, so does the search engine. Never went along. Your website might even be banned by search engines.

You need to know that search engines appreciate a website's reputation. Although the website you can go out again from the status of the tire, a bad reputation will be difficult for a website that had the tires to get good grades.

Link Exchange

In his time, link exchange have widened the main method of link building strategies. You put a link to another website, he posted a link on his website to your website. Equally fortunately, are equally to benefit, right? One great! Google and other search engines give a negative value to this mechanism when they are aware of the existence of hundreds of link-farm, Automatic facilities installed in the website and instantly build thousands of link exchange to other websites that become participants. 

The system is now able to detect a search engine link exchange, and due to the negative link-farm practices, link exchange contact with the sap. Benefits may  link exchange is not there anymore, and if the website you get a link exchange is facilitated through a large network, it will be negative

Links from Page that is not-Index

Often times people spend a lot of time to get backlinks from web pages are not indexed. Links from pages that are not indexed has no meaning, just a waste of my time. There are two possibilities are not indexed, it is still a new page, or search engine already visited but did not consider it important to indexed. If the first possibility that occurs, you can still expect benefits as they may later be indexed, but if the latter happens, you waste time in vain.. 

So even if you are not lucky enough to only get links from pages that are not indexed, make sure the page is indexed potential. Currently dozens of pages with links in them as many pages link exchange earlier times, was no longer indexed. 

Not Use Anchor Text

Glance, this might not seem like a problem. But imagine if you've managed to get 2.000 with no anchor text backlinks, your website can easily be categorized as a spammer. Anchor text is one factor used to assess the relevance of a link between two websites. Besides being able to be categorized spam, relevance is not detected due to the absence of anchor text backlinks also cause the value becomes very low. 

buying links

Backlinks from websites that have high page rank is very valuable if we are chasing rankings on Google. You can buy links from websites with high page rank, and the price is not playing. On a website offered links from websites with a page rank 7 for $ 250 per month. If you search on search engine you'll find many people who made ​​the sale of air-link of the website high page-rank this as a profitable business.

But now the instant power of such a link is no longer relevant. Google has been very vigilant. There have been many reports to discount Google page rank websites are caught selling links. It is not possible Google will develop a monitoring mechanism so that it covers the buyer as well. 

 Regarding Mistakes SEO Link Building Techniques 

Link building is good and true, long-term benefits, is a natural and organic. Look backlinks that only one direction, relevant, and from websites that have good page rank. If possible from a web page that has a good page rank. Do not get stuck with things that are instant. In the long run, link building slowly but continuously so it seemed natural to bring a continuous flow of traffic as well.

How does this information is very useful for you. now you know and understand about Mistakes
SEO Link Building Technique


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