What is that Google Want?

Friday, November 11, 2011

In February 2007, Google search is used by 48.1 percent across the United States - almost twice as Yahoo (28.1 percent) and more than four times the users of MSN (now Bing - 10.5 per cent) - Source: comScore, February 2007 (http://www.comscore.com/press/release.asp?press=1255).

Yes, indeed a number that indicates the power of 'the almighty Google', the numbers displayed also indicates that Google's market share is still growing, has not kept pace with Yahoo, and MSN are declining. MSN that later became Bing today introduced a range of innovations to strengthen its foothold in the search market.

Looks like it is no wonder why Google could dominate the market for it. Since the beginning of Google's put himself 'pure' as a search engine, Yahoo already known as the MSN portal and late 'to race'. Google's positioning and focus on the search, coupled with its existence as a pioneer of search technology (Google has been providing search services for Yahoo in the early days) to make Google far ahead and difficult to pursue.

For us as search marketer, it means that we must pay attention to what is arguably 'the mbah' Google, especially on what the goals Google as search engine.

For Google,  ranking means the case to find the most relevant web pages (relevance) and what to look for, comes from a website that 'trusted' (trusted) and is considered to have authority (authority) on the subject you are looking for.


Relevance is measured based on the information that can be read by search engines from a web page. As I explain in this article; Components SERP: Search Engine Results Page, each web page (web page) you can open the public can act as a entry point for your website, and you can (and should) to optimize the site so that each page targeting the keyword (keyword) that different but still related.

There are several factors that are used on a web page to measure the relevance, the two most important are Title tag and the "use" keyword.

If a page talking about 'how to lose weight' and search using the keywords 'how to build a boat', then this page will not be considered relevant and will not be listed on the search results. Unlike the case when a page to talk about 'building your own boat on a budget', this page can be deemed to have a level of relevance is to the search query so that the chance of appearing on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Aspect of relevance is part of on-page SEO, namely modification / optimization that you do on your website pages to improve your position in search engines. This aspect focuses on efforts to improve the relevance or association web pages for the keywords targeted (quiet, on-page SEO will be removed as well).


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