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Friday, December 16, 2011

Topic of SEO is becoming a hot issue that people are currently busy talking. If you find topics SEO Google, you'll find at least 576 million and 16 million search results search results for topic "SEO marketing". SEO is a very profitable business.
Businesses based on optimization a website on Search Engine offers a great advantage and profitable for the perpetrators. However, what happens when search engines change their algorithms at least the matrix or to the search results that they want to display? Recently Google did by issuing a "Panda Update". It can filter out the blog, traffic generation, online marketing blog that has content that is often disturbing farm seekers in cyberspace. Content farm is also often regarded as the endless content, therefore Google blocking some sites that contain content AGC and the UGC.

These changes will improve the quality produced by  Google search, mainly to avoid spam content and the content was endless. But it certainly becomes a major obstacle for SEO, remember this is a company base on search engines. So what should be done by SEO business is this? Here's an interview with Ramon Ray,

What you do when the changes?

At that time I immediately called and asked Andrew Cross and Daniel Laloggia, Search Marketing Mgr. of Walker Sands Communications, a public relations firm, marketing and web design agencies from Chicago on this issue.

Is this a change that Google made ​​an impact on other industries besides SEO?

It looks like no other company affected by this change. Actually this is just how does Google make changes to the system during this search that they do.

So what should be done by the SEO business? Do contact Google and file a complaint or to change their SEO system? Or both?

Protested to the idea that Google is not a solution-based, may now be better SEO change and can to the existing system on Google so that their business is still running.

Could we predict whether a change like this will happen next?

Google has always made ​​several changes in a year. These system changes can be very basic and a bit with different impacts.

True, Google often make changes such as updating the current Panda. John Mc Phee of Formic Media Inc., a social media marketing company said that the most important for companies SEO is backlinks. Backlink is a "vote of confidence" online for a site in cyberspace. With the vote of confidence earlier, search engines will not block these sites.

According to him, there are two types of sites that is off-site and on-linking. On Linking is what connects the site with your weblink. Such sites will be deleted or blocked by this Panda update. Therefore, in order to avoid the site of block Panda, John suggested that doing the following:

Listing your site, and listing some low-quality sites and make sure there is no link to your site our site is low quality.
Create backlinks for your site, very helpful for Google does not get blocked by Panda
Continue by creating attractive content on your site.
Social media. Optimazation of social media like Facebook, Twitter and others. Because now people prefer to connect through social media like that. And you can use it to include links in social media.

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